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2023-2024 Webinars: Call for Presenters

The Global Society of Online Literacy Educators, an organization dedicated to supporting hybrid and online teacher-scholars and tutors, invites everyone (both GSOLE Members and non-members) to submit proposals for our upcoming Webinar Series: Instructors as Designers: Considering UX Design in OWI.

For the purpose of this Webinar Series, we are using the following definitions to guide our thinking:

  • UX (Functionality) includes interaction design; information architecture; wireframing; product design; plus user research, testing, and data.
  • UI (the Look) addresses how users interact with and experience digital products and services. UI includes brand expression, visual communication, accessibility, graphic design, color, layout, and typography (The Ohio State University).

GSOLE's webinars are designed to spark conversation, provide professional development, share ideas, and build community. Webinar recordings are made available to GSOLE members in an online archive, and webinar leaders are encouraged to transform their webinar topics into ROLE or OLOR Effective Practices publications. Webinars are:

Led by a single presenter or a group of 2–3

  • 60–90 minutes long
  • Combinations of theory and practice with actionable plans for instructors, tutors, and others
  • Interactive presentations, engaging attendees

Submit your proposal via this form by Friday, August 25th.

In this series, we’re asking presenters to consider some of the following points as they design and propose their webinar:

  • Accessibility in UX design (ADA & beyond)
  • Language awareness and linguistic justice across UX/UI design
  • UX design for social justice/Intersections with the Social Justice and UX/UI design
  • UX design in hybrid settings
  • Intersections between UX and universal design for learning
  • Institutional approaches to UX/UI design (templates, processes/procedures, etc.)
  • Circumnavigating the LMS: UX design in constrained conditions
  • Promoting student engagement through UX design
  • UX design for Communities of Inquiry
  • UX design for diverse cohorts
  • Building a UX/UI Portfolio
  • UX design for multimodal feedback methods
  • UX/UI design in the Writing Center
  • Queering UX/UI design
  • Peer Mentoring in UX/UI design
  • And more!

By Friday, August 25, 2023, please submit the following information to this form:

  • All presenter names and emails
  • A tentative Webinar Title
  • Your desired Webinar Months
  • A 500-word proposal that includes details on what the webinar will cover, how this proposal relates to the theme, a description of the interactive components of the webinar, and 4-5 intended outcomes for participants.

Upon acceptance, you will work with the co-chairs to schedule your webinar. You will meet (virtually) with the committee/co-chairs one month in advance of your webinar, and then again a few days prior to the webinar, to coordinate logistics. The committee will provide technical support and are happy to help you prepare for the webinar. Presenters are also encouraged to to transform webinars into publications for GSOLE’s OLOR Effective Practices or ROLE.

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