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    • 19 Nov 2021
    • 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM (EST)
    • Online in Zoom
    • 47

    "Accessible Affordances of Asynchronicity: Cripping Online Instruction" presented by Leslie Anglesy and Molly Ubbesen 


    The second session in the 2021-2022 GSOLE Webinar Series


    Teaching and learning in the same space at the same time is typically the unquestioned norm for education. However, in times when we are not able to come together, it becomes clearer that this synchronicity is a privilege, one that not everyone had from the start. In our webinar, we will discuss the accessible and equitable affordances we find in asynchronous teaching.

    Drawing on disability studies scholarship, we explore crip time as “a flexible approach to normative time frames” (Price 62). When we consider normative notions of time, we can recognize many layers of inaccessibility in many traditional writing classrooms. Online writing classrooms, however, have the opportunity to create uniquely accessible spaces because they do not solely operate upon normative notions of time. We will share our experiences teaching asynchronously and invite participants to share their own experiences, concerns, questions, and plans for the future.

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Past events

27 Sep 2021 Webinar: "Strategies for Antiracist and Decolonial Language Pedagogy in the Online Writing Classroom" Presented by Rachael Shapiro, Missy Watson, & Jude Miller
22 Sep 2021 AWAC Workshop: "A Practical Toolkit for Antiracist WAC"
14 Jun 2021 Basic OLI Certification: 2021-2022 Cohort
21 Apr 2021 Webinar with Les Hutchinson: “Developing Critical Digital Literacies that Sustain Cultural Sovereignty in Online Writing Courses”
16 Apr 2021 GSOLE Annual Member Gathering (non-members welcome!)
23 Feb 2021 Webinar with Wonderful Faison: "Linguistic Individualism in English Composition: Towards Antiracist Pedagogies and Labor Rubrics"
29 Jan 2021 2021 GSOLE Conference
2 Nov 2020 Webinar with Iris Ruiz: "Intersectionality in FYC: Pedagogical Frameworks and Practices"
23 Oct 2020 TYCA-GSOLE Webinar: Creating Instructor Presence and Social and Cognitive Presence in Student Learning
22 Oct 2020 TYCA-GSOLE Webinar: Facilitating Peer Review in Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Courses
21 Oct 2020 TYCA-GSOLE Webinar: Managing the Emotional Labor and Workload of OWI
9 Oct 2020 Webinar with Cristina Sánchez-Martín: "Teaching writing online: Language Equity and Justice through CHAT, Translingual, and Antiracist Pedagogies"
31 Aug 2020 Webinar with Zandra Jordan: “Racial Justice in Virtual Tutoring: Considerations for Antiracist Online Writing Center Praxis”
31 Aug 2020 Basic OLI Certification: 2020-21 Course Offerings
20 Aug 2020 Delivering Rhetoric Online: A Roundtable Discussion

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