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Ignite Talk Guidelines


What are Ignite Talks?

GSOLE Ignite Talks are live presentations centered around 20 slides that are advanced every 15 seconds. The goal is to foster brief, succinct discussions of concepts, best practices, and/or research projects.

We welcome proposals for both Individual Ignite Talks and Ignite Talk Panels. Proposals accepted for individual talks will be grouped together into a concurrent session(s).

See below for guidelines and tips for preparing them.

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Preparing an Ignite Talk

We encourage presenters to review the following resources:

In the interest of fair allotment of time for all presenters, your panel chair will cut you off when your allotted time has expired. The key is to practice, practice, practice. Sometimes it’s difficult to whittle down something you’re passionate and excited about into five minutes.

Preparing an Ignite Talk Panel

An Ignite Talk panel should have between 5 and 7 presenters who present consecutively for the first part of the panel timeslot (about 40 minutes). The remaining time will be devoted to Q & A.

Panel organizers may request an optional test run with a conference committee liaison who can offer support and guidance.

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