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GSOLE Publications

GSOLE's Online Literacies Open Resource (OLOR) includes a range of peer-reviewed publications and curated resources:

  • OLOR Effective Practices: Short, peer-reviewed praxis pieces developed to be used in your next class.
  • Research in Online Literacy Education (ROLE): Longer research articles covering online literacy education.
  • OLOR Reviews: Short reviews of OLI books and technologies.
  • Online Just-in-Time: Curated lists of OLI resources hosted on both GSOLE's and external sites.

Learn more about each one with the links and resources below.

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The Publications

OLOR Effective Practices

  • Learn more about what OLOR Effective Practices has to offer by browsing the resources.
  • Interested in contributing? Watch the video to the right to learn about the process.

ROLE: Research in Online Literacy Education, A GSOLE Publication

  • Previous issues are located on our companion website: <>. We're currently working on upgrading the publication format to improve accessibility and citability.
  • Interested in publishing your original research in ROLE? Please email: <>


OLOR Reviews

  • Read past reviews (originally published in ROLE) on our OLOR Reviews site.
  • Want to write a review about an OLI-related book or technology?  Please email <>.

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Interested in Joining the GSOLE Publications Team?

Join our community as a volunteer

GSOLE's OLOR publications are edited, maintained, and curated by a team of invested volunteers. Besides editorial reviewers, we could use the following types of help to allow us to continue developing our resources:

  • Content Curators
  • Copyeditors

Email <> if you're interested in either of these roles. Important: We are happy to train Content Curators on how to use our web platform to publish.

Discussion Forum

This forum is moderated by the GSOLE Publications Team.

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