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GSOLE Content Curators

Multiple Volunteer Appointments

Updated 3 August 2022

As an online organization catering to online educators and scholars, GSOLE knows its website is crucial for providing access to our services and support. Besides hosting just-in-time resources and professional events, such as webinars and our annual online conference, our website also hosts two peer-reviewed publications and archives of our multimodal events. Altogether, this content requires multiple volunteers to maintain and make it accessible—and we’re adding new material every month! 

How You Can Help GSOLE in this Role

    You can help! We invite GSOLE members with any level of experience to get more involved as Content Curators or Assistant Content Curators. Besides helping to facilitate online community and improve access to important OLI resources, you’ll have an opportunity to work with GSOLE administrators and the leaders of our program development committees.

    We especially encourage GSOLE members interested in the following OLI topics to apply:

    • Multimodal composition
    • Accessible design
    • Digital publication
    • Online discourse communities
    • Collaborative composition

    What You Can Get out of the Experience

    • Network with fellow online literacy educators and administrators.
    • Work on meaningful projects to help fellow educators develop online pedagogy and programs.
    • Receive mentorship in digital publication, organizational communication, and website design—or, if already experienced in these areas, receive validation and appreciation for supporting quality programs, building engaging resources, and mentoring others.
    • Develop experience with, a repertoire in, and a portfolio of multimodal composition, visual design, and/or digital publication
    • Learn or develop your knowledge of accessible web design

    How to Apply

    • Write a two-paragraph "Statement of Interest and Qualifications" (no web development experience is necessary)
    • Send the "Statement of Interest and Qualifications" and a current CV to <>

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