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GSOLE Digital Platforms Manager

Volunteer Appointment

Updated 3 August 2021

The GSOLE Steering Committee is looking for a current member to serve as our Digital Platforms Manager. This is a two-year appointment that can be renewed with approval of the Executive Board. Some experience in setting up accounts services and modifying web pages is expected, but not necessarily in the context of an organization. The position entails about 10 hours of monthly volunteer contributions, including regularly monitoring of the <> email, one or more online committee meetings, and some focused project and programming work.

How You Can Help GSOLE in this Role

    • Manage and maintain organizational accounts on all our digital platforms (especially Wild Apricot, Google Suites, Zoom, and various social media platforms), including setting up access for other volunteers and members.
    • Coordinate technical support for organizational activities taking place on GSOLE’s digital platforms, including preparing or setting up digital platforms for use by GSOLE programs (e.g., conferences, webinars, etc.) and responding to requests for assistance in accessing, using, and participating in GSOLE’s events, resources, and programs.
    • Work with the Digital GSOLE Committee and Lead Content Curator to establish policies and procedures for using and maintaining GSOLE’s operational data (e.g., member records, invoices, etc.), public and administrative web pages, and digital assets (e.g., archives, articles, etc.).
    • Help update and develop the organization’s website by collaborating with the Lead Content Curator, Membership Officer, Communication Officer, and assistant Content Curators, and other officers or committee chairs.
    • Research and recommend the acquisition of new digital technologies to further GSOLE’s overall mission of inclusive online literacy education.

    What You Can Get out of the Experience

    • Network with fellow online literacy educators and administrators.
    • Work on meaningful projects to help fellow educators develop online pedagogy and programs.
    • Receive mentorship in organizational administration—or, if already experienced in this area, receive validation and appreciation for supporting quality programs and mentoring others.
    • Acquire experience with, a repertoire in, and a portfolio of professional project work, including accounts management, website maintenance, policy development, and technology research.
    • Learn the Wild Apricot organizational management platform and Google Suites; no prior Wild Apricot or Google Suites experience needed.

    How to Apply

    • Write a two-paragraph "Statement of Interest and Qualifications" (no web development experience is necessary)
    • Send the "Statement of Interest and Qualifications" and a current CV to <>

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