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GSOLE Membership Officer

Volunteer Appointment(s)

Updated 25 July 2021

The GSOLE Steering Committee is looking for a current or new member to serve as our Membership Officer. This is a two-year appointment that can be renewed with approval of the Executive Board. No experience in organizational administration is required. The position entails about 10 hours of monthly volunteer contributions, including regularly monitoring the <> email, one or more online meetings, and focused project work—possibly more depending upon the applicant’s interests, experience, and availability. The duties of this position may be split between two members, and pairs of individuals who want to work together may apply to together.

How You Can Help GSOLE in this Role

(Position Responsibilities)

  • Maintain and report on GSOLE’s membership list (largely facilitated by the Wild Apricot membership platform—see below).
  • Coordinate and compose communications related to member activities and status, including messages to new members, lapsed members, and so on (facilitated by WA membership platform).
  • Maintain a “Member FAQ” <> and update other membership-related information on our website (facilitated by WA membership platform; no need for prior website development experience).
  • Handle queries from individual members or potential members by monitoring, responding to, or forwarding from the <> email account.
  • Participate on the Outreach Committee and attend Executive Board meetings (Ex Officio).
  • Work with the Steering Committee and Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Committee on projects to diversify and support our membership in an equitable and inclusive manner.
  • Collaborate with other GSOLE committees and officers to support their membership-related projects.

What You Can Get out of the Experience

(Position Opportunities)

  • Network with fellow online literacy educators and administrators.
  • Work on meaningful projects to help fellow educators develop online pedagogy and programs.
  • Receive mentorship in organizational administration—or, if already experienced in this area, receive validation and appreciation for supporting quality programs and mentoring others.
  • Develop experience with, a repertoire in, and a portfolio of professional communications, including correspondence, organizational reporting, blog posting, and other digital formats.
  • Learn the Wild Apricot organizational management platform <>; no prior Wild Apricot experience needed.

How to Apply

  • Write a two-paragraph Statement of Interest and Qualifications (no organizational experience is necessary)
  • Send the Statement of Interest and a current CV to <>

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