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Online literacy instruction (OLI) theory and practice, including both Online Writing Instruction (OWI) and online literacy tutoring, are central concerns of GSOLE. These pedagogical topics are crucial for online instruction across the disciplines, as all online students learn through reading (onscreen and off), writing multi-modal texts, and composing digital documents. The resources below can help instructors who are just starting to teach online or those who want to learn more about how others do it.

Getting Started . . . With Principles

An image portraying a laptop displaying the Online-Just-in-Time Hub page sits next to a placard with the following text: 'Looking for help converting to online coursework?  GSOLE’s Online-Just-in-Time Hub is currently offering three forms of support:  1. Send a question to JustAskGSOLE e-mail.  2. Drop into a Walk-in Webinar.  3. Consult our growing collection of Just-in-Time resources.'

Just In Time Resources

The Online-Just-in-Time hub connects you to variety of resources accommodating a wide range of experience with online instruction.

'OLI' in green letters over beige background; within the 'O' is a clipped listing of principles, '1. Access; 2. inclusion; 3. Community; 4. Support'

GSOLE's OLI Principles

These updated principles represent GSOLE’s adaptation of the earlier CCCC's OWI Principles, one that educators can apply to a wide range of digitally focused literacy settings.

A screen shot of the CCCC Position Statement on Effective Practices for Online Writing Instruction (OWI)

CCCC OWI Statement

Many GSOLE members helped develop the original OWI principles (2013) adopted by the Conference on College Composition and Communication and by its parent organization, the National Council for Teachers of English.

GSOLE-Sponsored Publications and Presentations

Stylized red-orange 'OLOR' on two-tone gold background.

Online Literacies Open Resource

OLOR presents effective OLI practices in the form of brief guides developed by experienced OLI educators. OLOR publications are peer reviewed.

Stylized dark-blue 'ROLE' on two-tone purple background.

Research in Online Literacy Education

ROLE includes full-length, peer-reviewed research articles on a variety of topics in OLI and OWI, as well as book and tech reviews.

'EVENT ARCHIVES FOR MEMBERS" appears split into two-word phrase on opposite corners of a rectangle with a black backround; the two other corners include the 'GSOLE Annual Confeerence' logo and the 'GSOLE Webinars' logo.

Conference and Webinar Archives

GSOLE members have access to the archives of all recorded webinars and conference presentations. 

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