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ROLE Assistant Editor

One Volunteer Appointment

Updated March 8, 2023

As an organization committed to advancing scholarship related to Online Literacy Instruction (OLI), GSOLE views its publications as crucial to its mission. Our journal, ROLE (Research in Online Literacy Education), is becoming an important space for building knowledge and promoting diverse perspectives of OLI.

Job Description

    The ROLE Assistant Editor will work with the Editor in receiving/reviewing initial submissions, communicating with and supporting authors through the publication process, coordinating the Editorial Board's peer review, copy editing, and web curation of submissions.

    What's In It For You?

    • Network with fellow online literacy educators and administrators.
    • Work on meaningful projects to help fellow educators develop online pedagogy and programs.
    • Receive mentorship in digital publication, organizational communication, and website design—or, if already experienced in these areas, receive validation and appreciation for supporting quality programs, building engaging resources, and mentoring others.
    • Develop experience with, a repertoire in, and a portfolio of multimodal composition, visual design, and/or digital publication
    • Learn or develop your knowledge of accessible web design

    How to Apply

    For information about each publication, we encourage you to review ROLE's articles and resources:  ROLE (Research in Online Literacy Education)

    To apply for or inquire about the Assistant Editor position, email the Editor directly: Ashlyn Walden <>

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