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Building Knowledge about Online Literacy Instruction

GSOLE supports research into online literacy instruction, whether the literacy in question is reading, writing, or digital composition and especially if it combines any of those focal areas. Our research initiative brings to the forefront the need for scholars and teachers to perform research into online literacy instruction. We simply do not know enough about effective teaching practices that enable students to learn in online environments mediated through a variety of technologies. Putting a direct focus on research will enable us to support and encourage research projects that provide much needed data, information, and experiences into what works, or doesn’t, in online environments.

Summary of Benefits for Fellows

  • You will be designated as a GSOLE Fellow for a 2-year research period.

  • You will be assigned to a GSOLE Research Reviewer who has experience in your proposed area of research
  • You will be offered professional mentoring toward shaping and completing the research.
  • The ROLE journal will review your first article written from the data and, if appropriate, publish it.
  • GSOLE will offer a place on the website to publish appropriate raw data to enable other scholars to replicate your results.

Read more about the application requirements in the full Call for Proposals. 

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