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GSOLE Membership Overview

Teaching and tutoring online can be an isolating experience without an association of like-minded educators. GSOLE Memberships are geared toward helping professional educators—both teachers and tutors—to engage with a multi-disciplinary research and teaching community that seeks to understand how literacy affects online teaching and learning. We offer you entrance into an international online community that wants to share online literacy practices and develop online education that works. GSOLE provides a collaborative venue for sharing practices, learning principle-centered approaches, networking, publishing, and creating online literacy strategies for the 21st century. GSOLE Membership provides discounts to our webinars, certifications, and conferences.​

We’re relatively new as an organization. We know that investing in yet another professional organization may stretch your budget. However, because our goal is to make our journal, Research in Online Literacy Education (ROLE), and our teaching strategies publication, Online Literacy Open Resource (OLOR), free and open-access to all, we need funding to make that possible. Most organizations fund publications by charging for subscriptions or selling books and media resources. Given the international, online, literacy-based function of GSOLE, we prefer to make our resources open-access. Indeed, because the mission of our organization is to support teachers, many of whom are adjuncts or contingent educators who cannot afford high fees, we ask for your support at the highest level you are able to contribute.

If you have any direct questions about membership, please contact us at <>.

Annual Membership Benefits

  • Free access to webinars including access to recordings of previous webinars
  • Free access to the GSOLE Annual Conference Archives, including recordings of Praxis Post(er)s and Presentations
  • Eligibility for the GSOLE Research Fellowship and Mentoring

Membership Dues


Regular Individual GSOLE Membership

  • ​Tenured Faculty and Executive-Level Administrator: $50
  • Pre-Tenure and full-time NTT faculty and full-time administrators : $30
  • Student/Contingent Faculty/Part-Time Online Tutors/Emeritus/Retired: $20

Institutional Membership $300-$700

Note that the individual accounts bundled in under institutional memberships have the same benefits as regular individual memberships. The institution must assign a member to add or remove individuals from the institutional account. 

  • Small Institutional Memberships for 15 or fewer members: $300
  • Medium  Institutional Memberships for 30 or fewer members: $500
  • Large Institutional Memberships for 50 or fewer members: $700

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