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Research in Online Literacy Education

Research in Online Literacy Education (ROLE) is a peer-reviewed digital journal published by the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators. ROLE publishes original research and scholarship in literacy-based online education.

The mission of ROLE is to promote diversity, inclusivity, and access in online literacy education; to build a platform for scholarly conversation that connects reading, writing, and digital composition; to support multimedia scholarship and publish work that includes multimodal forms of digital research and presentation; and to bring together researchers and practitioners across the disciplines to improve the teaching of disciplinary content using multiple literacies.

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ROLE is currently housed at a separate domain we transition to a new publication format on the new GSOLE site. Clicking the link below will take you to ROLE at

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Recent Additions to Research in Online Literacy Education

“Cultivating a Shared Vision: Crafting a Communal Policy and Pedagogical Guidelines for Online Writing Instruction”  by Jennifer Sheppard (click to read)

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