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Account and Access Questions

How do I access my GSOLE profile or update account information?

Click on the "Login" button at the upper-right corner of a GSOLE page. Once logged in, you can access your profile by clicking on your name, which will also appear in the upper-right corner once you're logged in. 

I can’t remember my password to What should I do?

On the login page, click “Forgot password.” Then enter the email address you have used to create your account. You will receive an email with further instructions. If this does not work, make sure you are using the correct email address.

I can’t remember the email address for my login. What should I do?

Contact with your information and we’ll check!

Why am I listed as an “Institutional Member”?

Your account may be listed in places as “Institutional Member” if your membership is paid for by your institution. Don’t worry! You can still enjoy all the benefits as individual members.

Why can’t I access member resources?

First, make sure you’re logged in to the GSOLE site. If you are, then make sure you're logged into an account associated with your GSOLE membership. If you are, then you may need to make sure your account is still active. Start by checking your profile information to determine whether you owe dues. 

For individuals accessing GSOLE resources through an institutionally-paid membership, make sure you're logging in with the same account your institutional administrator has used to included you in the Institutional Membership bundle. If not, then log out and log in again with the correct e-mail. If you are logged in with the right e-mail, then contact your institutional administrator to make sure you’re still part of the Institutional bundle of memberships and that the membership is active.

Why am I not getting member rates to sign up for events?

See answer to previous question about not being allowed to access member resources.

Communication and Privacy Questions

How do I ensure I'm not missing out on member mailings?

For some communications, you'll need to opt-in. You can manage your mailing options by accessing your profile. 

How do I make sure I'm listed on the Directory page?

The Directory page only lists individuals who have chosen to make parts of their profile visible to the public. You can manage your profile visibility settings by logging into your profile page and making adjustments on the Privacy tab. You have the option of displaying your name, profile image, institutional affiliation, and contact email to either the public or only to other GSOLE members. 

How do I add a profile image and a bio to my Directory information?

When GSOLE site visitors view your profile page (which you can make visible on the Directory), they will typically see your your name, institutional affiliation, and contact email. You can also provide a brief bio paragraph and a profile image by logging into your profile page and adjusting the settings.

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