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Conference Participation Guide

The information below reflects the guidelines for the most recent conference and is provided now for reference. These guidelines may be updated for the next conference.

Registration Information

Individual Registration

All registrants must become GSOLE members first: Join Us. (Memberships range between 20 and 50 USD)

    • Student and contingent faculty GSOLE members: $10
    • All other GSOLE members: $20

Participation Guide

To make your experience and those of other participants most rewarding, please follow the guidelines below. And if you have concerns about accessibility and participation in any form, please send a message explaining those concerns or specific accommodations you know you’ll need to We will do our best to address all concerns and requests, but please be aware that some accommodations may require more lead time or funding than presently available.

Accessing Conference Activities

  • The GSOLE 2024 Conference Portal page will provide links to all conference-related materials and activities described below. The Conference program will provide full information about each session, as well as links to the presentation rooms on the day of the conference.
  • Open now! Registrants can view the President’s Welcome Video and visit the Praxis Post(er) Hall, which will accommodate asynchronous dialogue about each Praxis Post(er) video.
  • Ten days prior to and throughout the live convening date, the day of the conference, registrants will be able to view the President’s Welcome Video and visit the Praxis Post(er) Hall, which will accommodate asynchronous dialogue about each Praxis Post(er) video.
  • On the date of the conference, registrants will be able to access the Lobby, the Keeping the Conversation Going discussion forum, and the three Presentation Rooms via links on the Conference Portal page. All conference activities will take place on Zoom. The Welcome Session, and the Intersession Demos and Talks will take place in the Lobby. The Cocktails & Mocktails Happy Hour will take place in a separate Zoom room which will be opened up during Session 5.

Asynchronous Discussion Forums

    • Asynchronous discussion forums will be available (a) underneath the President’s Welcome video, where you can ask informational questions, and (b) on the Praxis Post(er) pages, where you are encouraged to engage with Praxis Poster(s) themselves.

    • Use hashtag #gsole2024 to keep the conversations going!

    • The forums will be available to all conference participants up to and during the conference. With the exception of the informational forums underneath the Welcome video, these forums will be available only to those who register for the conference. For questions or concerns about the discussions, please contact the GSOLE Webmaster.

    Voice participation

        • Please test your microphone before logging in (using your device’s sound settings), and then again as you use each of the synchronous Zoom rooms.
        • Please mute your microphone when you aren’t trying to speak.
        • Please announce yourself as you make each new comment (e.g., “This is Jane Smith [again], . . .“). Such identification helps presenters and others know how to address replies.

    Chat participation

        • Feel free to contribute text messages to the chat stream, but please be aware that the presenter may not readily notice the messages appearing there.
        • Please be respectful of the presenter’s focal point by avoiding distracting chat messages. Direct chat messages may be sent to individual participants to avoid crowding the chat stream

      Video participation

          • Feel free to deactivate your video—or to provide some other image in place of the live feed.
          • Consider deactivating your video if your connection seems slow or jerky, to free up bandwidth.
      For more information on attendee accessibility tips, review the “Tips for Attendees” section of our Conference Guide: Designing for Accessibility and Inclusion page

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