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2024 Conference Exhibitor and Sponsor Kit

The information below reflects the guidelines for the most recent conference and is provided now for reference. These guidelines may be updated for the next conference.


We invite exhibitor proposals from accredited academic programs, non-profit organizations supporting OWI/OLI research and teaching, and commercial organizations promoting educational technology or related products and programs. Exhibitor funds are allocated, first, to offset expenses incurred for the purposes of improving conference accessibility, then, to offset other conference expenses, and, finally, to support GSOLE’s other organizational initiatives and programs.

Important: GSOLE reserves the right to remove sponsor and exhibitor visibility from GSOLE’s website if the GSOLE Executive Board determines that a their activities and aims do not reflect GSOLE’s mission and values. Under such circumstances, GSOLE is not obliged to refund the Sponsor's fee.

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Exhibitor and Sponsor Visibility

      • Sponsor Placards. A limited number of placard slots are available on the conference’s online program page. Placards are designed and provided by the sponsor or exhibitor in the form of a graphics file (see guidelines below). Sponsors and exhibitors may be able to purchase multiple placard slots throughout the program. 
      • Spaces in our Online Exhibitor Hall. For more a more extensive and interactive presence on GSOLE's site beyond the conference, exhibitors may sponsor a page to display visuals, videos, and links to both conference attendees and other GSOLE members. This password-protected space includes a dedicated discussion forum for interaction with attendees. All display materials are designed and provided by the exhibitor (see guidelines below). For a sample Exhibitor Hall page, please visit the Exhibitor Hall homepage under our Members sections.

Sample Layout for Session Sponsorship

Mockup of Sponsor Placard Placement on Conference Program

Options and Costs to Exhibit and Sponsor

Sponsor Placard on the Program: $150 each, includes...

  • A linked Sponsor Placard displayed on the online program in association with a specific session 
  • A year-long display of the Sponsor Placard on the online conference-archive page (see examples on previous year's program)
  • Conference registration for one representative with access to full conference site

Space in GSOLE's Online Exhibitor Hall: $500 each, includes...

  • A dedicated Exhibitor Page hosted in our Online Exhibitor Hall, which includes up to six content slots (for linked placards, videos, etc.) and a password-protected discussion forum for interaction with GSOLE members.
  • A year-long display of a Sponsor Placard on the program (described above), which will be linked to a dedicated page in our Online Exhibitor HallA year-long display of a Sponsor Placard on the program (described above), which will be linked to a dedicated page in our Online Exhibitor Hall

Exhibitor and Sponsorship Process

  1. Email sponsorship proposals to <>, following guidelines below. Proposals will be accepted up through January 21, 2024. Each proposal will be reviewed for appropriateness to the conference and GSOLE’s mission. Please review GSOLE's Mission Statement.
  2. Prepay for allotted space(s). Once the exhibitor or sponsor proposal is accepted, the conference organizers will send a confirmation e-mail to the exhibitor or sponsor; the confirmation will include a link to the payment portal, which will generate both an invoice and receipt. 
  3. Submit your materials for display. After payment is received, sponsors and exhibitors will receive guidance on how to submit placards and videos, which will be posted approximately a week before the live session on February 3, 2023.
  4. Confirm presentation time slot (live presenters only). Each exhibitor giving a presentation should confirm its time slot at least 7 days before the live conference sessions. Early confirmation is recommended to ensure space availability.

Sponsor Proposal Guidelines

Please include each of the following in your proposal email to  <>:

  • The name of the sponsoring organization, as well as a link to the organizational web page to which the Sponsor Placard will link. 
  • Information about the organizational representative who is submitting the proposal, including full name, phone number, and organizational title. This individual will receive a conference login. 
  • A short paragraph articulating the sponsoring organization’s interest in and support of GSOLE’s mission, including specific connections between programs or products and OWI/OLI. 
  • Optional: An ordered list of preferred sponsor slots. For instance, an organization can request to sponsor a current session on a particular topic or at a particular time.

Note that sponsors can purchase no more than two slots (paired for a session). Slot assignments are determined based on sponsors’ preferences and the order in which the proposals were received.

Sponsor Placard Guidelines

  • Sponsor Placards should have 16:9 dimensions (conventional widescreen slide). These graphics can easily be created in PowerPoint or Google Slides, both of which can export to a web-compatible graphics format, such as JPEG or PNG.
  • Sponsors must provide suitable Alt-text to support accessibility, including full transcription of text appearing on the placard, as well as sufficient description of imagery. 
  • Sponsors should provide a URL linking to an organization-sponsored web page.

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