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GSOLE welcomes members and non-members alike to get involved in one of our many projects! We're eager to welcome new additions to our community to contribute to our growing body of professional development, scholarship, and service work. Please check below for the various ways you can contribute. 

Upcoming Elections

Nomination Process:

Upon confirming their candidacy, all nominees will be asked to submit the following by May 1, 2024:

  • A short CV (2 to 4 pages)
  • A brief, 250-word statement of interest/intent that could be circulated to the voting membership of GSOLE via the GSOLE list
  • An optional (max 100-word) statement including any additional information you would like the Elections and Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Committees to know about you (this won’t be shared with the voting ballot). 

From the Bylaws (III.3):

Approval of Slate of Nominees: Besides being qualified in terms of knowledge and talent, nominees should represent, as much as possible, the diversity of the members of the organization in such areas as race, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, physical disability, neurodivergence, multilingual background, nationality, institutional affiliation, type of institution, and size of institution. 

When the nomination period closes, we will create an electronic ballot and conduct elections during May, announcing winners by the first of June. The elected board members begin their terms on July 1. Questions about the election process or positions can be sent to

2024 Elections & Openings

Nominations will open in April. Elections will be held in May, and new board member terms will begin on July 1, 2024.

Vice President (1 position, 2-Year Term)

The Vice President is responsible for collaborating with the President on organizational initiatives and ongoing operations to fulfill GSOLE’s mission. This Vice President position has 1 opening for a 2-year term, followed by a 2-year term as President, and a 2-year term as Past-President.


  • The Vice President serves and votes on the Executive Board. The Vice President attends Executive Board meetings to offer input and vote on initiatives and actions (meetings are held once a month).
  • The Vice President serves on the Steering Committee. 
  • The Vice President typically chairs or co-chairs the Conference committee.
  • The Vice President fills in for the President when the President is unable to fulfill duties for a limited period of time and cooperates with the President in organizing, coordinating, and guiding the organization.

  • Nominees should have at least two years of experience on GSOLE committees as either officer or volunteer.

Secretary (1 position, 2-Year Term)

The Secretary shall disseminate information to the Officers and Executive Board, keep and disseminate minutes of each Executive Board meeting, maintain a list of members, and provide updated lists of Officers and Executive Board Members.


  • The Secretary serves and votes on the Executive Board. The Secretary attends Executive Board meetings to offer input and vote on initiatives and actions (meetings are held once a month).
  • The Secretary shall serve on the Steering Committee. 
  • The Secretary chairs or co-chairs the Elections Committee. 
  • The Secretary maintains Meeting Minutes and Institutional Documentation.
  • The Secretary shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Steering Committee or Executive Board.

Executive Board At-Large Member (3 positions, 2-Year Terms)


  • Attend Executive Board meetings to offer input and vote on initiatives and actions
  • Serve on ad-hoc or standing committees to offer support and input

All GSOLE Board Members must be members of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) in accordance with GSOLE's status as an NCTE assembly. NCTE membership costs range from $25-$50. 

We are happy to answer questions about the elections process. Send inquiries to

Other Opportunities

As additional opportunities to get involved in GSOLE become available, they will be listed here. If you're interested in getting involved, check out our committees page and reach out to the committee chair to learn more! 

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