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2016-2017 Webinar Series

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Listings of Past Webinar Series

The listings below document the efforts of past webinar leaders, as well as the evolving interests of online literacy educators. 

Members may watch recorded webinars by clicking on the  image accompanying each listing. 

Webinar Descriptions

Contacting, Conveying, and Connecting Online Literacy Instruction in International Settings

Webinar Leaders: Rich Rice and Sushil Oswal

Date of Webinar: April 25, 2017


Webinar leaders Sushil Oswal and Rich Rice will share differences between Online Literacy Instruction (OLI) and Online Writing Instruction (OWI). They ask, “How do affordances of digital composing, the World-Wide-Web, and contemporary distance learning tools impact literacy and writing instruction?” Specifically, they give online instructors tools for developing a deeper understanding of online students’ literacy backgrounds and needs in local and global settings. They use the framework Contact, Convey, and Connect to take consider educational, cultural, and technological differences of learners, building on the strengths of students’ linguistic, ethnic, and national backgrounds, while at the same time responding to literacy needs.

Webinar Screen Capture: Slide title "Global Society of Online Literacy Educators. Reading Now: Adapting Offline Strategies to Improve Students' Readings Online"Reading NOW: Adapting Offline Strategies to Improve Students' Reading Online

Webinar Leaders: Ellen Carillo and Alice Horning

Date of Webinar: February 27, 2017


This webinar will describe the need for increased attention to reading in writing courses and outlines ways that instructors can help students become better and more deliberate readers of the range of texts they will encounter in their postsecondary academic careers and beyond.

Webinar Plan

Participants will leave the webinar with:

  • A better understanding of how and why students are struggling with reading.
  • A pedagogical framework within which students develop a repertoire of reading strategies, apply these to different kinds of kinds of texts, and have opportunities to reflect on this process so that students are positioned to transfer what they are learning about reading.
  • Strategies and assignments that help make students’ reading practices visible so instructors and students can work together on them.

Webinar Leader Bios

Dr. Ellen Carillo is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Connecticut and the Writing Program Coordinator at its Waterbury Campus. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in composition and literature, and she is the author of Securing a Place for Reading in Composition: The Importance of Teaching for Transfer (Utah State UP, 2015). Carillo’s scholarship, which primarily focuses on reading-writing connections, has been published in WLN; Rhetoric Review; Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture; Reader: Essays in Reader-Oriented Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy; Feminist Teacher; Currents in Teaching and Learning; and in several edited collections. Ellen is co-founder of the Role of Reading in Composition Studies Special Interest Group of the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC).

Dr. Alice Horning is a professor of Writing and Rhetoric at Oakland University, where she holds a joint appointment in Linguistics. Her research over her entire career has focused on the intersection of reading and writing, focusing lately on the increasing evidence of students’ reading difficulties and how to address them in writing courses and across the disciplines. Horning’s work has appeared in the major professional journals and in books published by Parlor Press and Hampton Press. Her most recent books include Reading, Writing, and Digitizing: Understanding Literacy in the Electronic Age (2012, Cambridge Scholars Publishing) and Reconnecting Reading and Writing co-edited with Beth Kraemer (2013, WAC Clearinghouse and Parlor Press.) Her forthcoming book is What is College Reading?, co-edited with Cynthia Haller and Deborah-Lee Gollnitz.

Webinar Screen Capture: Slide title "Multimodal Classrooms"Multimodal Classrooms

Webinar Leaders: Kevin DePew and Collin Bjork

Date of Webinar: November 29, 2016


Writing studies has placed a value on teaching students how to compose, and therefore think, multimodally. Yet as the field works to learn the most effective practices for the mostly text-based online writing instruction, multimodal practices are only emerging. This webinar aims to provide online writing instructors resources and examples for designing multimodal activities and assignments.

Webinar Goals

Specifically the webinar presenters will teach the audience how to…

  • teach students multimodal peer review
  • design multimodal assignments, such as listicles and TED Talks​

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