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OLOR Reviews 2019

The following reviews were originally published in Research in Online Literacy Education. 

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Review of Best Practices in Engaging Online Learners Through Active and Experiential Learning Strategies (2017), by Smith Budhai and Brown Skipwith

Reviewed by ​​Kurtis Clements

"Stephanie Smith Budhai and Ke’Anna Brown Skipwith’s Best Practices in Engaging Online Learners Through Active and Experiential Learning Strategies is a thoughtful and useful book for online educators and instructional designers. The book discusses some familiar territory for those already ensconced in online teaching or course development, but it also offers the next steps in the discussion of online learning, addressing such topics as gamification and social media, experiential learning, and project and scenario-based learning. The book is a quick read with short chapters and an almost “greatest hits” kind of glossing of the chapter topics in the sense that as a reader I found myself craving more information. . . ."

Review of Information Literacy in the Workplace: New Perspectives (2017), edited by Marc Forster

Reviewed by Joni Boone

"In the academic world, information literacy (IL) is a key component to success in the classroom. Programs provide IL training to prepare students to explore their academic disciplines and eventually contribute to them through research and writing. Do these IL skills that are honed in the classroom transfer easily to the professional world? That is the essential question explored in Information Literacy in the Workplace. . . ."

Review of Information Literacy: Key to an Inclusive Society (2017), edited by Kurbanoğlu et al.

Reviewed by ​Joshua Welsh

"Information Literacy: Key to an Inclusive Society offers the conference proceedings from the 4th European Conference on Information Literacy. It contains 72 individual chapters covering a wide range of topics. Overall, the individual contributions are well-argued and thoroughly researched. Research tends to be qualitative in nature, and methodology tends to be well thought out, justified, and transparent. . . ."

Review of Keeping Up with Emerging Technologies: Best Practices for Information Professionals (2017), by Nicole Hennig

Reviewed by ​Remington Jones

"Keeping Up with Emerging Technologies: A Standards-Based Guide provides a succinct yet comprehensive overview of techniques and tools useful for staying abreast of new developments in the world of technology. The author, Nicole Hennig, incorporates lessons learned while working at MIT Libraries with interdisciplinary experts and information from academic resources to provide tried-and-true real-world methods for staying informed and integrating new technologies into your workplace. . . ."

Review of The Organization of Knowledge: Caught Between Global Structures and Local Meaning (2017), edited by Anderson and Souvig

Reviewed by Michelle Payton

"There was a day when government and educational institutions held the keys to the global information and organization castle, but today knowledge organization is evolving to end users demanding more relevant information to serve their needs in their everyday lives, and they have come to expect that terms fit modern times and cultures. These needs sparked a one-day conference in 2015 in Copenhagen and covered Global and Local Knowledge Organization. Extended conversations following the conference revolved around the tension between global and local information structures; as a result, The Organization of Knowledge: Caught Between Global Structure and Local Meaning was written. . . ."

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