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Visions and Sites of Online Literacy Education

2023 Conference Program & Archives

Global Society of Online Literacy Educators

Sixth Annual Conference, #gsole2023

Opened Asynchronously January 27, 2023 | Met Synchronously February 3, 2023

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Schedule at a Glance

January 27, 2023 

Opening of Asynchronous Engagement

February 3, 2023

Synchronous Sessions

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Vision and Sites of Online Literacy Education Conference Poster

Conference Co-Chairs

Amy Cicchino and Tess Evans


Welcome Video from GSOLE President Cat Mahaffey

Access the video transcript

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Block 1: Opening Remarks and First Plenary Session

Zoom Moderator: Kenna Grove, Zoom Admin: Meghan Velez

Welcome from GSOLE President, Cat Mahaffey

Awarding of the first inaugural President’s Service Award

"Understanding the Times (and Knowing What to Do):

How Culturally Ecologically Rooted Ideologies and Practices

Can Promote Equity and Literacy across K–12 and Higher Education"

Dr. Y'Shanda Rivera 

Director of Strategy, Research and Partnerships at R City Community Development Center

An ad promoting GSOLE to k-12 educators. The mission of the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators (GSOLE) is to connect those who teach reading, alphabetic writing, and multimodal composition as digital literacies in online education settings. As we work toward our mission, GSOLE strives to create more opportunities for collaboration between higher education and K-12 education affiliates to improve and support online literacy instruction (OLI) on a global scale. If you have strong connections with K-12 educators interested in or currently utilizing digital literacy in the classroom, we encourage you to share information about GSOLE as we continue our collective effort toward supporting OLI globally.

Block 2: Concurrent Session A

"Cultivating Teacher Presence"

Moderator: Sarah M. Lacy,  Zoom Admin: Nikki Chasteen

"Supporting Student Success through

Online Instructor Professional Development"

Laura McGrath

Kennesaw State University

"Transcending Binaries of Course Delivery:

A Transmedia Mindset as Resistance to

a Single Standard and a Default Normal"

Theresa (Tess) Evans

Miami University (Ohio)

"Formative Feedback and Ungrading

in an Online Visual Design Course"

Sara Doan

Kennesaw State University

"Universal Design for Learning in the Writing Center:

 Supporting Diverse Students in Online Environments"

Moderator: Patrice Johnson, Zoom Admin: Ashleigh Petts

Panel from Auburn University

Katharine H. Brown

Mark Smith

Okunola Odeniyi

Block 3: Concurrent Session B

"The Research Fellow Experience: Application to Publication"

Moderator: Joel Bergholtz, Zoom Admin: Ashleigh Petts

Panel from GSOLE Research Committee

Antony Ricks

Purdue University

Barbara D'Angelou

Arizona State University

Jason Snart

College of DuPage

Aleisha Balestsri

College of DuPage

Ashlyn Walden

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Praxis Poster Roundtable Discussion

Moderator: Ann Marie Ade,  Zoom Admin: Janine Morris

"Fostering Student Agency Through Portfolio-Based Ungrading in Online Writing Classes"

Tiffani Tijerina

Texas Tech University

"Listening to Graduate Student Consultants: Fostering Community through Online Writing Center Training"

Janine Morris

Nova Southeastern University

Block 4: Concurrent Session C

"Socially Just Pedagogies"

Moderator: Janine Morris, Zoom Admin: Elle Tyson 

Individual Presenters

"Global English Language Learners

and American Racial Contexts:

Creating Conversations"

Christina Michaud

Boston University

College of Arts and Sciences Writing Program

"Teaching and Learning with the LMS as a Non-Neutral Force in Our Writing Classrooms"

Cat Mahaffey

Jessi Rae Morton

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

"No Longer a Mere Writing Instructor:

Training and Curating OWI Environments"

Zoom Admin: Ashleigh Petts

Panel Presentation

Tiffany Bourelle

University of New Mexico

Joseph Bartolotta

Hofstra University

Jessie Bonafede

University of New Mexico

Anthony Yarbrough

University of New Mexico

"First-Year Learning Community:

GE Bookend Instructors Share Lessons from Their Launch Seminar Experience"

Moderator and Zoom Admin: Cathy Ryan 

Panel from The Ohio State University

Catherine Braun

Jessica Riviere

Cathy Ryan

Block 5: Concurrent Session D

"Asynchronous Interaction"

Moderator: Debra Bourdeau, Zoom Admin: Mikala Jones

Individual Presenters

"Putting the (Multimodal) Pieces Together: Building a Collaborative, Engaging

Asynchronous Classroom"

Elyssa Vondra

Texas Tech University

"Critical Online Engagement in Asynchronous Spaces: Reflections and Suggestions

for Teaching an Asynchronous Class

on Critical Media Literacy"

Sydney Sullivan

UC Davis

"The Daily Smile:

Phatic Contact and Meta-cognition

in Asynchronous Instruction"

Marc A. Quellette

Old Dominion University

"Creating Community"

Moderator: Mary Lourdes Silva,  Zoom Administrator: Elle Tyson

Individual Presenters

"Community and Communication

in an Online PhD"

Julia Romberger

Old Dominion University

"Using Check-In Surveys

to Build Teacher Presence and Community"

Traci Gardner

Virginia Tech University

"Multimodal Approaches to Developing International Graduate Students'

Academic Literacy Skills

and Cultivating a Community of Learning"

Megan Siczek

George Washington University

"Administering in an Onsite and Online First-Year Writing Program"

Moderator: Alison Williams, Zoom Admin: Cat Mahaffey

Panel from Arkansas State University

Kristen Ruccio

Amy Moody-Qualls

Kerri Bennett

Leslie Reed

Block 6: Concurrent Session E


Moderator: Mikala Jones, Zoom Admin: Christie Bogle

Individual Presenters

"Beyond the 'Typical' Learner: 

Transforming First-Year Writing

across Modalities

to Increase Accessibility and Responsiveness"

Angie McKinnon Carter

Utah Valley University

"Hybrid Embodiment:

Creating Access across Pedagogical Modalities"

Molly Ubbesen

University of Minnesota Rochester

"How a Writing Across the Curriculum Advisory Committee

Sustains Literacy while Advancing DEI and STEM Initiatives"

Moderator: Beth Hewett, Zoom Admin: Alison Williams

Panel from Purdue University Global

Sheryl Bone

Melissa Scranton

Michael Keathley

Block 7: Concurrent Session F

"Labor Conditions"

Moderator and Zoom Admin: Mikala Jones

Individual Presenters "Academically at Risk:

How Contingent Labor Conditions 

Shape Online Corequisite

First-Year Writing Courses"

Alex Evans

University of Cincinnati

"Ghosts in the (Digital) Classroom:

Labor Conditions, Contingent Faculty, and OLE"

Bethany Hellwig

University of Cincinnati

"Digital Literacy Includes Your Data:

Helping Students, Educators, and Administrators

Teach with Data Responsibility in Mind"

Moderator: Mary Lourdes Silva, Zoom Admin: Vee Kennedy

AAEEBL Digital Ethics Task Force

Amy Cicchino

Theresa Conefrey

Kristina Hoeppner

Megan Mize

Sarah Zurhellen 

"Reality Bytes:

How VR Can Encourage Uptake of Explicit Technology Instruction

by Tutors and Teachers"

Moderator and Zoom Admin: Cat Mahaffey

Panel from Old Dominion University

Lisa Nicole Tyson

Kristi Murray Costello

Megan Boeshart Burelle

Block 8: Second Plenary Session, Awards, Closing

Zoom Moderator: Kevin DePew, Zoom Admin: Meghan Velez

"'Now What?':

Next Steps for Contingent Faculty

When Your WPA Assigns You an Online Writing Course"

Mahli Xuan Mechenbier

Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, Kent State University, Geauga

Celebrating GSOLE Research Grant Winners

Ashlyn Walden

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

"Access in Action: Exploring the Labor and Implementation of Accessibility in Course Design"

Jason Snart

Sonia Watson

College of DuPage

"Learning More About 'Effective Practices' in Online Writing Instruction"

Closing Remarks

2023 Praxis Poster Gallery

Listening To Graduate Student Consultants: Fostering Community Through Online Writing Center Training

Janine Morris

Graphic for Listening to Graduate Student Consultants by Janine Morris

If linked video above does not play properly, you can view it at this address outside the GSOLE domain: <>

Fostering Student Agency Through Portfolio-Based Ungrading In Online Writing Courses

Tiffani Tijerina

If the embedded video below does not play properly, you can view it at this address outside the GSOLE domain: <>

Modality Is A Two-Way Street: Dynamic Courses For Diverse Learners

Anne Wheeler, Sherri VandenAkker, and Jill Giebutowski

If the embedded video below does not play properly, you can view it at this address outside the GSOLE domain: <>

Dig A Little Deeper: The Future Of Online Learning Without Inaccessible PDFs

Chrystal Trapani and Kristin White

 Clicking on the image below will open the following video in a new window: <>

Free Learning Day: Opportunities And Challenges

Mohamed Yacoub and Youssef YaKoub

If the embedded video below does not play properly, you can view it at this address outside the GSOLE domain: <>

2023 ePortfolio Gallery

Navigating Through Modalities: An ePortfolio for F2f, Hybrid, and Online Courses

Sarah Faye

If the embedded video below does not play properly, you can view it at this address outside the GSOLE domain: <>

Visit Sarah's ePortfolio Site

See Sarah's References

Inclusive, Engaging, and Empathetic Online Writing Instruction: An ePortfolio

Madeline Crozier

 Clicking on the image below will open the following video in a new window: <>

2023 Visions and Sites Conference Planning Committee

Conference Co-Chairs

Amy Cicchino, GSOLE Vice President

Theresa (Tess) Evans, GSOLE Treasurer

Conference Planning Contributors

We want to thank our hardworking committee members because without their labor, expertise, and generosity, this conference would not be possible.

Ann Marie Ade

Assistant Professor of the Practice, English, Embry-Riddle  Aeronautical University Worldwide

Proposal Scoring & Praxis Poster Liaison and Roundtable Moderator

Justin Cary

Senior Lecturer, Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies (WRDS), University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Social Media and Promotion

Nikki Chasteen

Assistant Director, Nova Southeastern University Writing & Communication Center

Proposal Scoring, ePortfolio Liaison, Zoom Moderator and admin, GSOLE Membership Officer

Amy Cicchino

Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Co-Chair, CFP, Proposal Scoring, IDEA, Plenary Recruitment & Liaison, Program & Schedule, Website Maintenance

Jennifer M. Cunningham

Associate Professor of English, Kent State University

Proposal Scoring and Program & Schedule

Kevin DePew

Associate Professor of  Writing Studies, Old Dominion University

IDEA, Plenary Recruitment & Liaison

Theresa Evans

Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of English, Miami University of Ohio

Co-Chair, CFP, IDEA, Program & Schedule, Website Management, Post-Conference Archivist

Patrice Johnson 

English/DIRW Faculty, Dallas College

Proposal Scoring, Zoom Administration and Moderation volunteer

Sarah Lacy

Lecturer of English, Old Dominion University

Proposal Scoring & Panel Moderator

Mikala Jones 

Instructor of English, Young Harris College

Post-Conference Archivist, Panel Moderator, Zoom Administrator

Cat Mahaffey 

Teaching Professor, Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies (WRDS), University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Conference Advisor (Past Chair), Opening and Closing Comments; Awards Presentation

Janine Morris 

Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Media, and the Arts, Nova Southeastern University

Proposal Scoring, Plenary Recruitment, Zoom Moderator, GSOLE Affiliates co-liaison

Beatrice Mendez Newman 

Professor, Department of Writing and Language Studies, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Presenter; Conference Committee: Proposal Scoring and Plenary Speaker Recruitment

Ashleigh Petts

Assistant Professor of Technical Communication, University of Houston-Downtown

Conference Committee, Proposal Scoring, Individual Proposal Liaison, Zoom Moderator

Dan Seward

Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Ohio State University

Conference Advisor (Past Chair)

Mary Lourdes Silva

Associate Professor of Writing/Director of First-Year Composition, Ithaca College

Proposal Scoring, Sponsor Recruitment, and Panel Moderator

Elle Tyson

Assistant Director, ePortfolios and Digital Initiatives, Old Dominion University

Exhibitor Recruitment, Website Maintenance

Meghan Velez

Assistant Professor of Communication, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide

Plenary Recruitment, IDEA subcommittee, and Zoom Moderator


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