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The following reviews were originally published in Research in Online Literacy Education. 

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Review of Staying Online: How to Navigate Digital Higher Education (Routledge, 2022), by Robert Ubell.

Reviewed by ​​Beatrice Mendez Newman

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"In Staying Online: How to Navigate Digital Higher Education (2022), Robert Ubell delves into the complexities of sustaining online education at U.S. college campuses. A companion book to his 2017 Going Online: Perspectives on Digital Learning, which traced the trajectory from traditional to online teaching, this new volume offers a retrospective on how colleges and universities arrived where they are now in the area and era of online learning. An important overlay in Ubell’s discussion is the impact of the pandemic when teaching online became a necessity not a choice as everyone, everywhere suddenly became an online instructor in Spring 2020. Bolstered by convincing evidence from experts and experience, Ubell invites us to think about our place in and our individual contribution to the holistic landscape of digital higher education. . . . "

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