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  • Webinar with Iris Ruiz: "Intersectionality in FYC: Pedagogical Frameworks and Practices"

Webinar with Iris Ruiz: "Intersectionality in FYC: Pedagogical Frameworks and Practices"

  • 2 Nov 2020
  • 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)
  • Online
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Dr. Iris Ruiz will be engaging attendees with hand-on experience with antiracist pedagogy. Thinking through the tensions of between theory and practice in Online Writing Instruction, Ruiz will consider the ways that we think about the "technicalities" of online learning: the "right" way to provide accessible shells that will provide a one-size-fits all model of best practices for designing and implementing remote and digital learning in its various formats. Hybrid, synchronous, asynchronous, hyflex, etc, are examples of online pedagogical models that are characterized by a variety of digital-aided learning activities, but there is still something that has not been well- established within the parameters of traditional conceptions of "access" and the circulation of what constitutes "access."

Dr. Ruiz calls educators to pay attention to the realities of being forced to move online while considering that we are "double-tasked"--we are also faced with a resurgence of Black Lives Matter movements within a nation that is racially-divided with visible white supremacist hate-groups operating across the US. This workshop will explore pedagogical adaptations that can be one way to conceive of the "curricular imperative" in an age of increasing race-consciousness and within an era of blatant white nationalism.

Participants will:

  • Critique traditional conceptions of “access” in OWI
  • Reflect on the “double-task” of moving online during the resurgence of BLM movements
  • Explore racially conscious pedagogies

Webinar Leader Bio

Dr. Iris D. Ruiz is a Continuing Lecturer for the UC Merced Merritt Writing Program and a Lecturer with the Sonoma State University Chicano/Latino Studies Program. Her current publications are her monograph, Reclaiming Composition for Chicano/as and other Ethnic Minorities: A Critical History and Pedagogy, and a co-edited collection, Decolonizing Rhetoric and Composition Studies: New Latinx Keywords for Theory and Pedagogy, in which she also contributed a chapter on the keyword “Race,” a co authored caucus history, Viva Nuestra Caucus: Rewriting the Forgotten Pages of Our Caucus. She's also written on Decolonial Methodology in Rhetorics Elsewhere and Otherwise. Her 2017 co authored article, “Race, Silence, and Writing Program Administration” deals with race and WPA history, and was published in the CWPA Journal and received the 2019 Kenneth Bruffee award. Lastly, she’s written for the Journal of Pan African Studies about her journey toward a decolonial identity titled, “La Indigena.”

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