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New Publication from Troy Hicks and Kristen Hawley Turner

20 Sep 2022 4:35 PM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

In this brand new English Journal article (September 2022), Troy Hicks and Kristen Hawley Turner challenge us to actually integrate digital literacy strategies into our online teaching. They point out that simply making digital tools available to learners does not change how they participate in learning. They advocate that we “move beyond translating comfortable pedagogies into online spaces and, instead, focus on developing authentic literacy practices” (p. 86). A great feature of this article is Troy’s and Kristen’s retrospective on previous articles they and others have done on digital literacies. The article includes tangible, detailed examples of how to support learners’ digital literacies in the online settings that have become so familiar to us all.  

Turner, K. H., & Hicks, T. (2022). Digital literacy (still) can’t wait: Renewing and reframing the conversation. English Journal, 112(1), 86-93

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