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Registration and Certification

Information about our future webinars can be found here. You can also request access to the past webinar recordings (see webinar recording policy below). If you have any questions, do not hesitate the contact the webinar co-chairs at ​

Certificates of completion are available upon request. Please send an e-mail to if you are interested.

Webinar Recording Policy

All GSOLE webinars will be recorded by the Webinar co-chairs. After the webinar, one of the webinar co-chairs will edit the recording (to remove participant IDs who requested to be removed) and upload to the Webinar Archives within one month of the webinar. The recordings will be kept in the Webinars Google Drive folder, which is password protected.

Member Access to Webinar Archives

All members have access to the webinar archives, free of charge. To access the archives, members should navigate to the “webinars archive” page on the GSOLE website and log in. In accessing the recordings, GSOLE members commit to only using the webinar for personal purposes. Members are not permitted to distribute the webinar to non-GSOLE members.

Non-Member Access to Webinar Archives

Non-members can purchase a recording of a former webinar for $15. To make this purchase, non-members should email the webinar co-chairs to confirm that the recording of the webinar they are interested in is available, and then make the purchase through the GSOLE website. In accessing the recordings, the viewer commits to only using the webinar for personal purposes and to not distributing the webinar.

Gaining Consent from Webinar Leaders

The webinar co-chairs will share this policy document with webinar leaders in advance of the webinar and gain written consent to record and distribute the recordings accordingly. The consent form will read: “I consent to the internal free distribution of webinar archives to GSOLE members and the potential of for-purchase distribution of archived recordings to non-members.”

Gaining Consent from Webinar Attendees

By entering a webinar, you are stating your agreement that you understand webinars may be posted publicly, and your identity, image, and participation in this webinar may be made available on our public-facing website. At present, all webinar archive videos will be available to GSOLE members.

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