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Call for GSOLE Volunteers!

30 Sep 2022 10:38 AM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

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GSOLE  Call for Volunteers

WHY volunteer your time with GSOLE? Members decide to volunteer for GSOLE for lots of reasons: establishing a professional network, expanding leadership skills, or building a CV or resume. No matter the personal reasons, GSOLE volunteers are vital to the organization’s mission of providing support and resources for educators and administrators in today’s digital learning environments

WHO should volunteer? GSOLE welcomes any member interested in one of our open positions, including those who consider themselves non-experts. You’ll find support and collegiality across the organization. If you’ve always wanted to get more involved, now is the time.

Digital Platforms Manager

GSOLE is seeking a current member to serve as our Digital Platforms Manager. This is a two-year appointment that can be renewed with approval of the Executive Board. Some experience in setting up accounts services and modifying web pages is expected, but not necessarily in the context of an organization. The position entails about 10 hours of monthly volunteer time:

  • Monitor the <> email account.

  • Lead one or more online committee meetings each month.

  • Manage and maintain organizational accounts on all our digital platforms (especially Wild Apricot, Google Suites, Zoom, and various social media platforms), including setting up access for other volunteers and members.

  • Coordinate technical support for organizational activities taking place on GSOLE’s digital platforms, including preparing or setting up digital platforms for use by GSOLE programs (e.g., conferences, webinars, etc.) and responding to requests for assistance in accessing, using, and participating in GSOLE’s events, resources, and programs.

  • Work with the Digital GSOLE Committee and Lead Content Curator to establish policies and procedures for using and maintaining GSOLE’s operational data (e.g., member records, invoices, etc.), public and administrative web pages, and digital assets (e.g., archives, articles, etc.).

  • Help update and develop the organization’s website by collaborating with the Lead Content Curator, Membership Officer, Communication Officer, and assistant Content Curators, and other officers or committee chairs.

  • Research and recommend the acquisition of new digital technologies to further GSOLE’s overall mission of inclusive online literacy education.

If you are interested in this role or need more information, please email

OLOR Reader/Reviewers

GSOLE is seeking Reader/Reviewers for all two of its publications: Research in Online Literacy Education (ROLE), and OLOR Reviews. Duties for this role include an estimated 20 hours of service per year:

  • Responding to drafts within one month of submission assignment with a maximum of 3 assignments per year.

  • Providing marginal feedback throughout the submission with specific questions and items for revision.

  • Making recommendations for accepting, rejecting, or accepting with revisions.

  • Communicating with the Editor and/or the Editorial Board as needed.

  • Working with authors to revise as needed.

If you are interested in this role or need more information, please email one of the following:

Copy Editors

GSOLE is seeking TWO dedicated Copy Editors who will perform copy editing across the three publications. Duties for this role include an estimated 8-10 hours of service per month:

  • Responding to drafts within one month of submission assignment

  • Tracking changes of any copy edits for final approval by authors

  • Applying your knowledge of APA citation, consistent formatting, and paragraph- and sentence-level clarity to in-process manuscripts

If you are interested in this role or need more information, please email

Content Curators

GSOLE is seeking TWO Content Curators who will be responsible for adding and updating publication content to the GSOLE website. Duties for this role include an estimated 8-10 hours per month:

  • Posting submissions to the website according to each publication’s guidelines within one month of submission assignment.

  • Creating technically accessible digital content from Word processor documents.

  • Communicating as needed with all stakeholders: editors, authors, other content curators of the GSOLE website.

If you are interested in this role or need more information, please email

Webinar Committee Members 

GSOLE is seeking members of the Webinar Committee to help plan and implement the yearly webinar series alongside the current co-chairs. Members of this committee could commit to the following:

  • Writing and disseminating a yearly call for proposals

  • Reviewing and responding to proposals

  • Planning the webinar schedule

  • Promoting webinars across platforms

  • Working with webinar presenters to plan webinar activities

  • Maintaining the webinar website and repository

If you are interested in this role or need more information, please email

Ad-Hoc Committee for GSOLE Policy Writing/Revising

GSOLE is seeking to create an ad-hoc committee to review and recommend various policies for our by-laws (see Article IV, Section 2.1 of our by-laws). We’ve grown a lot over the past few years, so this is an important area for the organization as we continue to grow. Members of this committee would commit to the following:

  • Reviewing existing policies and recommending updates

  • Researching and recommending new policies

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