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GSOLE Announces 2020-21 Programs

20 Aug 2020 8:35 AM | Miranda L. Egger (Administrator)

GSOLE has been busy—busy listening to the needs of an increasingly engaged citizenry, hungry for the tools to make our society more equitable and accessible. In response to this call to action, we’ve added professional events that invite myriad voices to explore the connections between these important conversations, broadly, and online literacy education, specifically.

To that end, we have three programs that cull together the questions educators are asking right now, expert opinions, and the voices of interested educators: our 4th annual virtual conference, our 2020-21 webinar series, and our new certification program. Keep reading (below) for details. 

GSOLE's Annual Conference (2021)

GSOLE’s 4th annual conference is scheduled for Friday, January 29th, 2021. This conference is—and always has been—hosted virtually, so that educators across the world can gather to explore practical online classroom activities, to hear about the new research in online education, and to attend presentations that link theory to praxis.

For those who want to add to the conversation, GSOLE invites individual paper proposals, praxis posters, site share panels, and Ignite Talks (either individual or panel). No matter the preferred format of delivery, we seek proposals that address the broad aspects of GSOLE’s mission:

Global Society

Honoring our collective international and intercultural experience and knowledge of online literacy practices, facilitating the crossing of physical boundaries and connecting at great distances.

of Online

Addressing the varied, and often new, learning experiences, and ever-morphing and ever-growing learning spaces, from both experienced and new online literacy educators.


Exploring the many approaches to literacy education that are developed within local contexts and/or across disciplines, helping us identify approaches to literacy that advance more sustainable, equitable, and effective environments for supporting each other and our students.


Recognizing ways that writing and reading instructors, tutors, and administrators experience a wide range of constraints and support for teaching so that we might critically examine the institutional, professional, and technological frameworks shaping the work of online literacy educators.

Proposals are due October 5th, 2020.

GSOLE's 2020-21 Webinar Series

However, there is no need to wait for the annual GSOLE conference to start engaging with the big questions related to the role online literacy education plays in reinforcing “the cultural and communal values of linguistic and social diversity.” GSOLE’s 2020-21 webinar series comprises events focused on: antiracist writing center practice (with Zandra Jordan on August 31st) in addition to antiracist and translingual pedagogies (with Cristina Sanchez Martin on October 9th), practices honoring intersectionality in FYC (with Iris Ruiz on November 2nd), incorporating Black language in Composition classrooms (with Wonderful Faison on February 23rd), and sustaining cultural sovereignty through critical literacies practices in online learning spaces (with Les Hutchinson on April 14th).

Check out the details and register today for an upcoming webinar in order to engage in the conversations that help us reshape equity, inclusion, and accessibility in online literacy instruction for all students.

GSOLE's New OLI Certification Program

For educators who see the possibilities of online literacy instruction, but are eager for more support in designing that learning, GSOLE offers a new certification program. This program is composed of two back-to-back courses: (1) Foundations of Online Literacy Education & Digital Pedagogies (to explore the principles of OLI and the contexts affecting writing pedagogies) & (2) Online Literacy Pedagogies (to practice designing assignments, activities, and assessments).

By the end of this two-course certification program, educators walk away with a professional ePortfolio that includes a comprehensive plan specific to your own institutional context, justification for that plan with the latest research, and a sense of confidence that you can make the online learning environment a rich space for quality writing instruction.


If you're new to GSOLE, welcome, and if you're returning for more quality events, welcome back. We're glad to have your voice included among the many who believe that quality online literacy instruction is a critical contribution to our progress toward social justice. 

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