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  • 24 Jul 2023 9:37 AM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

    Reducing Barriers to Learning: Creating Accessible Learning Resources
    by Katharine H. Brown, Mark Smith, & Heesun Yoon
    Auburn University


    Accessible document design is essential for the removal of barriers to learning. This article explores how the authors retrofitted over 300 learning resource documents and PDFs for accessibility and published them in a new Open Educational Resource (OER) for University Writing at Auburn University. Working collaboratively, the authors learned about accessibility standards and the technical processes of creating accessible documents and PDFs. Using the four principles of document accessibility, including visibility, audibility, mobility, and searchability, the authors describe their retrofitting process and provide readers with considerations for document accessibility. Their article addresses OLI Principle 1: “Online literacy instruction should be universally accessible and inclusive.”

    OLOR Series: OLOR Effective Practices

    Author(s): Katharine H. Brown, Mark Smith, & Heesun Yoon

    Original Publication Date: 5 June 2023

    Permalink: olor/ep/2023.06.05/

  • 13 Jun 2023 7:53 AM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

    #GSOLE is thrilled to announce our newly elected leadership!

    Executive Board At-Large Members:

    Congratulations Michelle Stuckey, Mary Lourdes Silva, and Nitya Pandey!

    Michelle is Clinical Associate Professor and Writing Program Administrator at Arizona State University, where she directs a large, fully online first-year writing program. At ASU, she mentors faculty and peer tutors in OWI, collaborates with faculty to design curricula and assesses course outcomes, and innovates in the field of OLI to meet the needs of diverse student populations.

    Mary Lourdes is an Associate Professor of Writing at Ithaca College specializing in Language, Literacy, and Writing Studies. She has been active in GSOLE, serving on numerous committees, including the Conference Planning Committee. She is also a musician who plays Flamenco guitar and Spanish classical music.

    Nitya is a doctoral candidate in the Rhetoric and Composition program at Florida State University and will be joining Ohio University in Fall 2023 as Assistant Professor of Instruction. She studies the care ethics of multimodal pedagogy in asynchronous online courses and is interested in supporting professional development and training programs that can have long-term positive outcomes in virtual pedagogical cultures.


    Congratulations Megan Von Bergen! (@meganvonbergen)

    Megan is a PhD candidate at the University of Tennessee whose research helps writing teachers and administrators identify which institutional practices encourage effective, equitable writing assessment. As a WPA and teacher, Megan believes students and teachers are not “brains on a stick” (Smith 2016) but are best served through professional environments that contribute to human flourishing. Such environments are achieved through full recognition of human diversity –– racial, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, and more –– and the willingness to commit, every day, to concrete professional actions that further the goal of inclusion and respect for all.

    A four-quadrant image containing: Top Left: Michelle Stuckey Top Right: Nitya Pandey Bottom Left: Mary Lourdes Silva Bottom Right Megan Von Bergen

  • 8 May 2023 2:16 PM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

    Please join us for a virtual workshop event for graduate students and new-to-WAC professionals interested in learning more about writing across the curriculum (WAC), writing in the disciplines (WID), writing-enriched curriculum (WEC), and writing across the globe (WAG), hosted by the Association for Writing Across the Curriculum (AWAC) Mentoring Committee, in collaboration with the WAC Graduate Organization.

    This free Zoom event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16th from 4-5:30pm Eastern/ 3-4:30pm Central/ 2-3:30pm Mountain/ 1-2:30 Pacific.

    The workshop, “Joining the Conversation: Learning about WAC,” is intended to help graduate students and professionals from across the disciplines and writing studies learn about WAC and will feature breakout rooms by experts in a number of WAC-related topics. These topics were identified through a survey completed by graduate students across the country: “Joining WAC conversations and networks (include conferences),” “Teaching writing in the disciplines,” “TILT assignment design,” “Teaching writing in STEM,” “Inclusion-Diversity-Equity-Accessibility (IDEA) in WAC,” and “Demystifying WAC program administration.”

    Please register by completing this brief survey.

    Registration will close Monday, May 15th at midnight (ET).

    Questions? Please contact AWAC Mentoring Committee Co-Chairs Lindsay Clark ( and Amy Cicchino ( or WAC-GO Chair Barbara Green (

  • 27 Apr 2023 2:27 PM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

    The IWCA is currently seeking nominations for Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, three At-Large Representatives, a Two-Year Institutions Representative, and two Peer Tutor Representatives.

    The IWCA Nominations Committee hopes to recruit a slate of candidates from a range of institutions and across a variety of identities to run for this year’s election. The IWCA Board is made richer when it is comprised of writing center professionals who represent the broader international writing center community. We encourage nominations and self-nominations of Black, Asian-American, Latinx, Native American, and Pacific Islander writing center professionals; members of the LGBTQ+ community; individuals with disabilities; our colleagues at international writing centers; and writing center folk at two-year colleges, secondary schools, HBCUs, HSIs, and tribal colleges.

    Being elected to the Board of IWCA means having an opportunity to sit at the table when a variety of important decisions are being made that will inform IWCA’s

    • conference and event planning (annual conference, the Summer Institute, and the Collaborative);
    • organizational priorities like those being addressed in the Social Justice Task Force and the Accessibility Task Force;
    • Mentor Matching program;
    • decisions about grants and awards;
    • financial planning;
    • And more!

    If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague for a Board position, please complete the nomination form here. All nominees must be IWCA members in good standing. Nominees who are not current members of IWCA will be given an opportunity to join the organization after accepting a nomination. Self-nominations for any of the above positions are encouraged.

    If you cannot access the Google form, please send the following information to IWCA Secretary Beth Towle ( by June 1, 2023:

    • The name of the nominee
    • The email address for the nominee
    • The name of the position you are nominating the individual for. 
    • You an also include any comments that you think are appropriate


    Nominations are open until June 1, 2023. After the nominations stage closes, Beth Towle will contact each nominee to determine whether the nominee accepts the nomination and, if so, to request a short (no more than 150 words) personal statement about the nominee’s experience and goals. Elections will be open from September 1 until September 15th. Elected candidates will be notified by October 1st. 

    Please direct any questions to Beth Towle:


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  • 14 Apr 2023 6:45 AM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

    The CCCC Online Writing Instruction (OWI) Standing

    Group Invites GSOLE Members to Attend

    Webinars in OWI Research

    The CCCC Online Writing Instruction (OWI) standing group would like to invite you to the first of several webinars which are part of our new Webinars in OWI Research series. We plan to hold these two in spring and another two this fall.

    A special thanks to Kevin DePew for leading this Webinars in OWI Research working group.

    Contact Kevin ( if you’d like to get involved in this working group. To learn

    more about all of our working groups please visit our


    To learn more about all of our working groups please visit our website:


    Jessie Borgman

    OWI Standing Group Chair

    Upcoming Presentations

    Presentation Title: A User-Centered Approach to Researching Student Needs in Synchronous Online Classes 

    Speaker: Meghalee Das, Texas Tech University

    Presentation Description: This webinar discusses the application of user experience (UX) research methodologies to studying the needs of students in synchronous online classes conducted over video conferencing platforms like Zoom.  It particularly focuses on methods like user journey maps, environment analysis, surveys, interviews, and affinity diagramming. The webinar also presents the preliminary results of a survey conducted on international students, where participants shared their experiences in online classes, and the instructor qualities and inclusive classroom practices they valued the most.  

    Speaker Bio: Meghalee Das is a PhD candidate in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at

    Texas Tech University (TTU). She teaches first-year composition and technical writing courses in face-to-face and online formats, and also serves as an instructional development consultant. Her research interests include user experience (UX), cultural inclusivity, online instructional design, and digital rhetoric. She has authored chapters in key edited collections and the custom textbook used by the TTU English Department's technical writing courses, and her articles have appeared in Technical Communication, Programmatic Perspectives, and Intercom. For her dissertation, she studies the UX of international students in online learning environments to develop culturally-inclusive and user-centered pedagogical strategies.

    Time: May 3, 2023 1:30-2:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 932 3665 9157

    Passcode: 787184

    Presentation Title: Always Doing More: Examining Writing Program Administrator approaches to Online Writing Instruction & Professional Development 

    Speaker: Melvin Beavers

    Presentation Description: Within Beavers’ 2018 study of 10 WPAs, the participants indicated when asked to describe their role as WPA, that their role(s) was layered, or not easily pinned down to one thing or another.  What emerged, as a result, was a theme that he termed “Administrative Rhetorical Mindfulness”, based in part on the repeated interview phrase, “a desire to do more”.  This presentation will present an overview of the mixed method research design followed with a review of the findings, discussion of themes, and a reflection of the choices made to ultimately gain a greater awareness about the professional development landscape for online writing instruction.

    Speaker Bio:

    Dr. Melvin E. Beavers (he, him, his) currently serves as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion fellow at the University of Arkansas Little Rock. Additionally, he is an Assistant Professor and served as the First-Year Writing Director in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing from 2019-2022. His research interests involve DEI training and facilitating, writing program administration, composition pedagogy, online literacy instruction, rhetorical theory, and popular culture studies. He teaches first-year writing and a variety of upper-level writing courses. His work has been published in Academic Labor: Research and Artistry, the WPA Symposium on Black Lives Matter, and an edited collection entitled, Pedagogical Perspectives on Cognition and Writing.  Additionally, Dr. Beavers has recently been awarded an Inclusive Leadership Certificate from Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education.

    Time: April 24, 2023 3:00-4:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 969 9584 0892

    Passcode: 203304

  • 8 Mar 2023 11:19 AM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

    Please join us for GSOLE’s Annual Member Gathering! In the past, we have held this session at CCCC, but this year, we’ll meet online on March 22, at 3:30 pm ET. At this Zoom session, you’ll have an opportunity to learnengage, and contribute.

    This meeting is free and open to everyone!  Please register now here: GSOLE Annual Meeting Registration

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  • 7 Mar 2023 12:08 PM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

    Register now for the March 2023 #GSOLE Webinar featuring Kitty S. C. Burroughs! 

    "Globalising literacies: Fostering engagement and innovation in HyFlex instruction" “Reflective Writing in HyFlex Instruction: From Gaining Self-Knowledge and Identity to Building Empathy and Safe Learning Community"

    Register here:

  • 1 Dec 2022 9:36 AM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

    Registration is now open for the #GSOLE23 Annual Online Conference!

    Use this link to register now!

    Regular GSOLE members – $10.00
    Conference registration for all non-student and non-contingent members of GSOLE, including those whose membership is sponsored by their institution.

    Sponsor Registration Registration code required
    Use the code provided on your sponsorship receipt to register at no additional cost.

    Student and contingent faculty GSOLE members – $5.00

    Registration is open only to current GSOLE members. If you are not a member but wish to register for the conference, please join GSOLE first.

    Already registered? Visit the 2023 Conference Portal to begin participating on January 27.

    NOTE: Access to protected conference activities and pages is not immediate. Each registration needs to be processed. We will monitor new registrations more frequently as we approach the synchronous meeting on February 3.

    Image of Dr. Y'Shanda Rivera announcing the plenary talk "Understanding the times (and knowing what to do) How Culturally Ecologically rooted ideologies and practices can promote equity and literacy across k-12 and higher education"

    Photo of Mahli Mechenbier, J.D. announcing the plenary talk "Now what?" Next Steps for Contingent Faculty when your WPA assigns you an online course"

  • 8 Nov 2022 7:44 AM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

    Dr. Y'Shanda Rivera 

    Understanding the Times (and knowing what to do)How Culturally ecologically rooted ideologies and practices can promote equity and literacy across K-12 and higher education

    Dr. Y’Shanda Rivera earned a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy. Her research centers around improving educational and social outcomes for highly-vulnerable adolescents via cultural ecological frameworks, school community partnerships, critical literacy engagement, identity development, and the design of learning environments.

    A state-certified teacher and administrator who has held a number of classroom and administrative positions across K-12 and higher education, Dr. Rivera has over 25 years of combined experience in research, literacy, leadership training, professional development and cultural competency. Her professional and volunteer collaborations extend across a range of organizations including several local schools, universities, and community organizations.

    As an educational consultant, Dr. Rivera has given a number of invited keynote addresses, workshops, and media appearances/interviews, some of which include: A Political Ecology of African American English (2021) at the College of the Atlantic, Academic, Cultural, Religious and Political Actions to Promote Anti-Racism (2020) with the Aptly Outspoken Collective,

    ESPN’s The Undefeated as a Culture and Language Expert (2019), We Raise Foundation’s Community Conversation From Challenges to Celebrations: How Community Collaborations Serve Youth” (2019), and Code Meshing: Critical Awareness in Action (2018) at Frontier Center for Urban Education at Nazareth College. She has published articles/chapters in: This Ain't Yesterday's Literacy: Culture and Education After George Floyd (2021) and Continuing the Journey 2: Becoming a Better Teacher of Authentic Writing where she penned: Valuing

    Students’ Language Repertoires: An Ecological Perspective (2018). In 2014, Dr. Rivera co-authored Other People’s English: Code Meshing, Code Switching and African American Literacy, which is now in its 2 nd edition (2019).

    In addition to her role as an educational consultant, Dr. Rivera is the Director of Strategy, Research and Partnerships at R City Community Development Center located in Chicago and an adjunct professor of academic writing in the University of Maryland’s Global Campus (UMGC) Writing Across the Curriculum department.

    An image of Dr. Y'Shanda Rivera framed in purple and green circles announcing the topic of a plenary talk for the GSOLE Conference 2023. The topic title is "Understanding the Times (and knowing what to do): How Culturally Ecologically rooted ideologies and practices can promote equity and literacy across k-12 and higher education"

    Mahli Mechenbier, J.D.

    "Now What?": Next Steps for Contingent Faculty when Your WPA assigns you an online course

    Mahli Mechenbier, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English at Kent State University: Geauga, teaches Technical Writing, Professional Writing, Argumentative Prose Writing, Introduction to LGBT Literature, and College Writing. Mahli is a certified Master Reviewer and a certified Face-to-Face Facilitator for Quality Matters. 

    Prof. Mechenbier graduated with a Master of Arts in English Literature from John Carroll University and a Juris Doctor from The University of Akron.  She was a member of NCTE's Committee for Effective Practices for Online Writing Instruction and was an editor for the OWI’s Open Resource from 2013 – 2016.  Mahli was the recipient of the College of Arts & Sciences 43rd annual Distinguished Teacher Award in 2012.

    Her research interests include asynchronous online tone and communication methods; how academic administrations manage and budget distance learning; the unionization of professors; and the employment conditions and intellectual property rights of contingent faculty members.

    Prof. Mechenbier has been teaching at Kent State University since 2003.

    Mahli was adopted from South Vietnam through Operation Babylift after an American missionary nun found her next to a road outside of Saigon.  She has two cats: Freyja and Hyperion.

    “Now What?”: Next Steps for Contingent Faculty when Your WPA Assigns You an Online Writing Course

    An image of Mahli Mechenbier, J.D. a plenary speaker for the GSOLE Conference 2023. The image of Mahli is framed in purple and green circles and information about the conference is presented, such as the #gsole23 and the date of the conference, friday, february 3 2023. The topic of the talk is "now what: Next steps for contingent faculty when your WPA assigns you an online course"

  • 1 Nov 2022 10:18 AM | Justin Cary (Administrator)

    Publish With GSOLE

    The Global Society of Online Literacy Educators (GSOLE) invites potential contributors to visit our OLOR For Authors page to review opportunities to publish your research about and approaches to online literacy education in one of GSOLE's three publications OLOR Effective PracticesResearch in Online Education (ROLE), and OLOR Reviews.

    All OLOR publications have a rolling submission process and welcome contributors from diverse backgrounds and with varying levels of expertise. GSOLE is committed to diversity, inclusivity, and access in literacy-based online education. To learn more about the organization and its mission, we invite you to visit the About GSOLE page and review the Online Literacy Instruction Principles and Tenets.

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